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Friday, May 26, 2006


notebook (from POPOPEINT) Posted by Picasa


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Thursday, May 25, 2006


A Visit to Vietnam (Translated into Vietnamese)

Trinh Thanh Thuy's translation (3 excerpts only) of A Visit to Vietnam (see here for the English: )

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Madison Morrison's REAL blog

Thursday, May 18, 2006


EVERY SECOND Posted by Picasa


Particolare e Universale Posted by Picasa (148 pages (in Italian))

published by Anterem Edizioni (Verona):


SOLUNA Posted by Picasa

SOLUNA: Collected Earlier Poems (Sterling Publishers Private Limited, New Delhi, 1989) 287 pages.

here's the blurb on the back:

"We want double vision from our poets, but Madison Morrison -- the first six volumes of whose lofty and unprecedented life's work are here collected -- is not about to leave it at that. He must persist until as many of the world's "appearances" as humanly possible, along with its multiple faiths and literary modes, have been called into play. In this ongoing binocular museum what we know is distanced, what we do not know is brought near, always with skill, erudition, and great good humor." -- James Merrill


OR Posted by Picasa

Or, published by Tiger Moon Productions (Bellows Falls, VT), 1999 (46 pages) ISBN 81-86847-02-2

"With the movie camera's impersonality--at every angle undercut by the poet's heart--Morrison conducts our tour of Siam, recording glimpses of its ancient culture but focusing on its present-day life. Everything changes, he seems to say. We all seek something!-- a classic temple. Anything--a Coca Cola. From within her ever-unfolding lotus, sound the siren chants of Asia's modern mantras. Morrison blesses us with his innuendo yet passes no judgement." - Terry Kennedy


MM'S REVOLUTION Posted by Picasa

MM's Revolution: a Menippean satire, published by East & West, 1998, 93 pages of English text plus another 100 or so pages of Chinese translation (ISBN: 957982842-3)


HAPPENING Posted by Picasa

Happening, published by Sterling Publishers Private Limited (New Delhi, 1997) ISBN: 81 207 1989 1 (352 pages, hardcover) Rs. 500

"A compendious study of India, Happening belongs to a nineteenth-century tradition that embraces Champollion's Description de l'Egypte and Walter Hamilton's Description of Hindostan. Unlike their encyclopedic and interpretive methods, however, Morrison's technique is modern: cinematic registration, personal reminiscence, the interweaving of text with intertext, all to evoke ancient, medieval, colonial and present day India. With access to the University of Madras' collection of English language materials, the author spent a year transcribing sources that include classical text and commentary, social and political history, anthropological and cultural analysis. To this he adds his own experience of a great civilization." (from the inside front jacket flap)


Scenes From The Planet Posted by Picasa (jacket by Giorgio Gaetano Adami)

Scenes From The Planet: In All Excelling Or Divine
published by Sterling Publishers Private Limited: (New Delhi, 2001) (414 pages, hardcover) ISBN 81-207-2404-6 (Rs. 600)

Thursday, May 04, 2006


"PATTAYA" (photo by Daniel Leon Dandoy) Posted by Picasa


"Particular and Universal..." (in Korean) Posted by Picasa


"Postmodern Trends in Art..." (in Vietnamese) Posted by Picasa


I-35, Emporia, Kansas, 6:00 p.m., November 21. (from REALIZATION) Posted by Picasa


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