Madison Morrison

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Forwards and backwards to the center

The aventure rubric for interpreting the Sentence I find very illuminating.
All its books in a sense express the special dynamic of "adventure."
Each of the 26 books, however, is also unique and therefore
different from the remaining 25. One way to emphasize
this variety is to read the Sentence simultaneously
from both ends toward its central point, which
occurs between the books of the diptych
Engendering Her
(reading forwards)
Her Engendering
(reading backwards).
Thirteen pairs result by reading simultaneously
forwards, from Sleep to Engendering,
and backwards, from Life to Her:
Sleep and Life
O and Excelling
Light and This
U and In
Need and Divine
A and Or
Revolution and Renewed
Each and Happening
Second and Possibly
Every and All
Magic and Regarding
Realization and Exists
Engendering and Her

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